2 credits/cruise (weekday)
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2.5 credits/cruise (nights & weekends)
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3 credits/cruise (special days & holidays)
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8 credits/cruise (firework events)
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Additional Information:

  • All Times Include 10 minutes before and after for embarkation/safety instruction/disembarkation (actual cruise time is 100 minutes)
  • Weekday (8am- 5pm) Nights (5pm -Midnight)
  • Special Days (Valentine’s, Mothers’, Father’s, Women’s, Halloween, Teacher’s, Easter, Christmas, July 4th, Autumn Moon)
  • Holidays (Vietnam official holidays, including all days of Tet)
  • Firework Events: 8 pm – after midnight cruise New Year Eve, Tet Eve, 30 April, 2 September
  • VIP Members: 2 credits/ cruise (weekday, weekends) NOT Special Days, Holidays & Firework Events (priority booking for VIP Members on these days)
  • 1 Credit = VND 6.000.000 VIP Members 1 credit = VND 5.000.000
  • For full day use/overnight at VND 60.000.000 ($2500) plus VAT and with VND45.000 ($2) for each kilometer over initial 25 included kilometers.
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  • Please note that all bookings will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment and are subject to first- come, first- served basis.
  • Payment can be made either by cash or credit card, or VIP card.
    No refund for cancellation but postponement is allowed, subject to availability.
  • One skipper and one crew member will be provided for each charter; a baby or a child is considered as one person.
  • No pets are allowed on board.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Excluding free welcome drink and fruit platter. All prices do not include food and drinks.
  • VAT is additional
  • ALCOHOL is allowed but must be consumed in a responsible manner.
  • Our yacht operates on a NO SMOKING policy. Violators will force the cruise to stop and be subject to fine of VND 5 million.
  • Do respect the “bare foot” rule. Our yacht, like most, has a “bare foot” rule that shoes are not worn on the yacht deck or cabin. The crew will provide a basket at the aft of the yacht for you to deposit shoes.
  • Do listen to safety briefings. Safety is the prime responsibility for the captain and crew, and they take it very seriously. You will have a safety briefing about lifejackets, so ensure you pay attention to the information given. It is a requirement of both insurance and maritime laws.
  • Don’t do anything illegal. The tolerance level aboard yachts for illegal or illicit activities is absolutely zero.
  • No deviations from standard itinerary, unless agreed in advance.
  • All charters embark & disembark from Lan Anh Village, Thu Thiem, District 2.